Removing Images

If you have set an image for background image that you no longer wish to use, click Remove link and it will be removed.

Preview module changes

There is a Preview button when editing a Module. This allows you to see what your compendium looks like in desktop and phone view without exiting edit mode.

Quick Preview

On the compendiums main screen you can use the Preview button to see what your compendium looks like.

Get Inspired

See the inspiration zone to see examples of what is possible and to ‘borrow’ some ideas.

Works on any screen

Your compendium is responsive. This means it will work regardless of the screen size. So that means it looks great on desktop browsers, tablets and phones.

Visual Icons

Module Icons provide a way to customise your buttons and create a visual queue to provide a better experience for your customers.

Fun Backgrounds

We have provided a range of backgrounds that you can use for the Main Background Image or Pattern

Smart Guides

Did you know you can use Smart Compendiums for a variety of industries such as weddings, hotels, motels, business directories, employee instructions, event guides, instruction manuals, etc. Click here for an instructional video.

Viewing a compendium

Use the link generated in the QR Code menu for your welcome email or booking confirmation.